Wooden Display Items

For a buffet, retail store, or catered event, these wooden display stands are shatterproof and chip-resistant, made of sustainably harvested wood. Wooden risers with a smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean with a cloth, giving your establishment a rustic touch.

They come with a natural wood grain design that adds a rustic touch to your establishment’s decor. With these bamboo display stands, you can display a variety of entrees, desserts, and snacks. Adding height to your buffet when displaying bowls, pots, or platters, these wooden buffet stands are made from maple.

A stunning, eco-friendly design that can be used as either a storage container or a riser, this wood crafter design will add a unique and eye-catching look to any buffet or display setting. This bamboo container is perfect to elevate fresh-baked bread, desserts, or even fruits, whether you use it as a storage container or as a riser.